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    IB PYP - Assessment

    Assessment in the PYP is integral to all teaching and learning. It is central to thoughtfully and effectively guide students through the five essential elements of learning.

    1. the understanding of concepts
    2. the acquisition of knowledge
    3. the mastering of skills
    4. the development of attitudes
    5. the decision to take action

    Student learning is promoted through formative and summative assessments :

    1. assessing the student’s prior knowledge and experience of the topic or task in order to plan and/or refine the teaching and learning programme or to meet individual or group needs
    2. building a profile of students’ understanding
    3. engaging students in reflection on their learning and assessment of the work produced by themselves and by others

    Information about student learning is provided by a combination of :

    1. Representative examples of students’ work including:

    work samples
    research journals
    reading and/or writing logs

    2. Records of test results

    unit summative assessments
    criterion referenced tests

    3. Teacher observations

    anecdotal notes

    4. Performance-based examples


    5. Peer and self assessment